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Getting started

Welcome to Rhodope Bulbs, we moved to Bulgaria from the UK in 2008 for a good life experience, our love plants has led to us setting up Rhodope bulbs as we still need to pay the bills. So who are we?

(Tom Good): Dominic

(Barbara Good): Annie

Flower picker extraordinaire: Georgia (Daughter of the above two)

This blog will detail not only our top tips to get the most out of your bulbs, but also a small insight into life in rural Bulgaria and what a precious existence that is (most of the time).

We have planted over 15,000 flowering bulbs in the small village of Samodiva to get us started. These will be harvested (by hand - I can already hear my back complaining) from June onwards with the results on sale here, and locally to whomever wants them. We have an endless supply of manure from our neighbours cows and sheep so everything will be organically grown. There will be at least a monthly update so come back and see what we have been up to.

We are always open for visitors so if you are in the area please pop in for a cup of tea, and quick tour of the bulb fields (if in season). You will find us here.


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